Network Security and Privacy Breach Liability Insurance for Businesses

Most businesses perform at least some of their work online, which makes networks and computers susceptible to security breaches from inside and outside sources, such as hackers. Our own national defense department has been hacked many, many times despite millions of dollars spent trying to prevent such instances. In particular, if you store private information (including but not limited to credit card information, names and addresses, medical information) on your business computers and this information is released or stolen, your organization can be fined under existing laws, and additional costs can be incurred as a result of mandatory notification requirements that can cost as much as $100 or more per stolen record.

In addition, all businesses that rely on the internet are exposed to transmission of viruses and denial of service attacks that can become very costly to correct, and result in an interruption of operations.

Recently, the insurance industry has developed customized coverages to address these exposures to loss, and our agency has access to these important products to help provide additional protection for your business against these 21st century risks.

One of our business producers would be pleased to educate you about these new policies, provide a formal review of your specific needs, and make a proposal of coverage. Please contact us today!