Medicare Enrollment

Are you or a loved one enrolling in Medicare this year or thinking about retiring?

When it comes to Medicare, you have choices.    In order to help our clients get the best plans to fit their health care needs,   Hahn Insurance Agency has partnered with industry colleagues in senior health care and retirement planning.

No matter your situation, our colleagues can help you get answers to your Medicare questions like:

• What is Original Medicare and are there other health care options?

• What do Medicare Parts A, B, C and D mean?

• What are the differences between Medicare and other health coverage?

• Is Original Medicare enough health coverage for me?

• Are my prescriptions covered?

• How much will it cost?

• Do I have deadlines to enroll?

• What happens if I have a plan or drug formulary change down the road?

This free service is another way that the Hahn Insurance Agency is helping our clients save time and money while ensuring that they have all the necessary protection for their family and business.

For more information contact:

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